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The Question of Training

The German Shepherd is quite a popular dog breed. You probably know some people who have one, and you’re probably toying with the idea of getting one yourself, given the fact that upon your observation, they seem to be having so much fun with their dog. And so you do get a German Shepherd, and you’re excited.

The question now, however, is this: how do you begin to train it?

Begin With the Literature

Like so many things that you’re doing for the first time, it’s great if you could do your own research about how to go about training your German Shepherd. Research usually involves reading a tech blog, some articles and interviews, watching how-to videos, and many others. Of course, you’ll probably be learning about so many methods, and these are likely to come into conflict with each other. The trick, then, is to know your dog enough to also know which methods to appy. This then leads to the next step.

Know Your Dog

What sort of training methods does your dog respond to? Is the imposition of punishment always a good thing? Is the giving of rewards an absolutely effective system? To answer these questions, you also need to get to know the German Shepherd in general, and your own German Shepherd in particular. You can’t get lazy about getting to know your dog; after all, the training begins and ends with it.


Learn from Others

It would also be great if you could learn about it from others. Ask that neighbor of yours who managed to build a website about the German Shepherd dog breed. Get help from friends, family, other people and acquaintances who have been at it longer than you. Once you can learn from them, you can then apply some of their suggestions and see which ones perfectly match your dog’s unique personality.

Come Up with Your Own Style

Of course, being with your dog for longer periods of time will also mean that you will eventually arrive at your own method of training, something that will be a better fit for your personality, as well as that of your dog. If you pay enough attention then, you will then come up with your own pattern and system of training, slowly but surely.